Reviews From Our Bend Eco-Kidz Parents

Last year my four-year-old daughter was painfully shy and clearly wasn’t thriving at preschool. I took her with me to look at Ecokidz and I was shocked when my shy baby voluntarily started a conversation with Mama Bear. We started that next Monday and in the last 10 months my daughter has blossomed. Friends and family have commented on how much more confident and happy she seems. I was driving her to school the other day and noticed she was smiling in the backseat. I asked her why. “Because I love school at Mama Bear’s!” I love her growth in personality as well as knowledge with Mama Bear. I know my daughter will be well prepared for Kindergarten both intellectually and emotionally. As a family doctor I tell all my families about Mama Bear’s Ecokidz. I can’t imagine a more loving, conscientious and fun program!

A Thankful Parent

I wanted to give a testimony to this wonderful program teacher and her school. My son had the pleasure of attending Mama Bear’s Eco-Kidz. It was his first experience spending the day away from us and she made it easy for him. She is very warm, loving and inviting. She creates an atmosphere where the kids learn through using their imagination, exploring, and experiences. She teaches good manners and how to treat others as well. I think Cade will have a place in his heart for her for a long time. With her nurturing soul, kind spirit and her experience, my husband and I feel she really gave him a great start to his preschool years, which will benefit him as he moves forward through school.

Terese Nitzschke

My two children have grown up with Mama Bear and graduated into elementary school more prepared and ready to learn than any other children in their class. Mama Bear’s dedication to making a great experience for my children is more than worth it. They taught me things! The arts, stories and songs they bring from the day fills our house making it more of a home.

Daniel L.